The sentences that come out of my mouth….

The sentences that come out of my mouth….

Do you as a mom (or dad, or grandma, or adult person) ever say something and then get stopped in your tracks as you realize the sentence that just came out of your mouth?

It happens to me all the time. The little boys get out of the shower and then I find myself yelling,”Don’t wrestle with your brother naked.” I tell Caite it’s time for her to play outside, then I hear myself shout after her, “You can’t watch your laptop while you are on your bike. We are all sitting around the counter for dinner and I have to tell my two year old, “We don’t sing songs about butt cracks at dinner time.” I mean, who says these things???!!! Oh, yah… I do.

So, yesterday’s sentence, directed toward my 14 year old was, “Take your sister’s mattress off the trampoline.” Yes. You heard that right. And, yes, what in the world? is the right response.

I came home from running a quick errand, Drew was watching the 3 middle kids. As I walked in, I could tell there had been a little rumble – Caite was mad at Drew for messing up the beds they had made on the trampoline (yah, that’s another nutty story, but we won’t go into that). I thought I had diffused the situation and went into my room to change, right as the neighbor kids came over to play. Finished changing and fixing my hair (all of 10 minutes total probably) and walked out to check out the goings on. Caite ran in all stressed out again screaming something about her bed being all messed up. I thought she was still whining about her homemade trampoline bed but then she took me into her room. Her mattress was gone. All her sheets and blankets were thrown on the floor. I asked where her mattress was and she pointed outside. I went to the backyard, and sure enough, Drew and his buddy had Caite’s mattress ON the trampoline. Of course, I asked them what in the heck was going on and his response – we are using it to practice our backflips. Huh??? That’s when the crazy sentence of the day came out,”Take your sister’s mattress off the trampoline!!” I said it, then I heard it, and tried to not crack up laughing.

It’s like I floated out of my body and heard the string of words that I had just compiled and shouted across the backyard. And it was ridiculous!! Why do I have to say these things? I feel like this would just be information that people would know. You DON’T take the mattress off your sister’s bed, take it to the trampoline and use it as an aide in your gymnastic endeavors. Good Gracious.

Yes, it came off the trampoline and yes I made him and his buddy put all Caite’s sheets and blankets back on. Yes, I took a picture of this as photographic evidence – that you really can’t make up wackadoo stories like this 🙂

So, I think the only appropriate thing to do (and would be a really fun plan) would be to record these sentences somewhere – maybe a video compilation – that could then be played back to my little sugar cookies at some future time. And of course it would need to be the perfect time when they can actually grasp how their wackiness added strange sentences to my mom discourse. Maybe when they are parents and they start spouting out crazy too.