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“I’ve had a front row seat to watching Alicia ‘Coordinate Chaos’ for years: as a High School Teacher, as a Cheer Coach, and as a Wife & Mother. Being a ‘Mom’ is the hardest job in the world. That’s why I’m confident that any Mother, no matter who they are or where they’re from, will feel known, be encouraged, and get some practical help in coordinating the chaos in their own home, in this book!”
Todd Tolson
Pastor, Riverview Community Church and author of The Church Playbook

Parenting can make anyone feel unprepared, inadequate, and unqualified for the job. In Coordinating Chaos, Alicia Gibson provides the antidote to the shame and unworthiness of feeling bested by all of the personal, professional, church, and family demands you may be under. In the pages of this book you will find reasons to hope, reasons to press on, and reasons to find joy amidst the chaos of motherhood. You will also find down-to-earth, mom-tested, mom-approved ideas to apply to your own brand of chaos. Do you want more than just parenting philosophies? Do you need practical advice for surviving each day? Alicia Gibson is an encouraging cheerleader and a dependable guide.
David Edward Cummings, Ph.D.
Author of Everybody’s Got Bears: Bravely Facing Down Stress, Anxiety, and Depression to Find an Abundant Life in Christ

“Alicia’s witty humor and relatability make this book a “must read!” With five kids and a ton of responsibility, Alicia has learned through trial and error how to maximize time, enjoy the unplanned and spontaneous moments, and put systems in place to manage the chaos. All moms are looking for fellow sojourners in this great adventure called “motherhood,” and Alicia’s book will not only offer you a co-journerer, but also a trustworthy, reliable friend who gives you the tools you’re looking for to thrive!”
Christine Passmore, M.Ed.
Academic Dean, Alliance International Academy

“In Coordinating Chaos Alicia Gibson pours out her passion for all Moms to make sense of the busyness of family life with practical ways to be the best Mom they can be. Her book is funny, practical, and SO relatable for today’s Mom managing all the chaos of family life. Alicia knows since she is a Mom of five children herself. Of course I love her tips on Organizing because that brings out the best and easiest way to prevent and preserve calm at home when everyone pitches in. A must read for all Moms!”
Marcia Ramsland, The “Organizing Pro” and author of Simplify Your Life: Get Organized & Stay that Way!

“Everything you need – you have right now. Inside you. All the skills you need to blow this mom thing out of the water and create the amazing life you want for yourself and your family – are inside you, right now, as we speak. You just need to tap into them.”

“Take control of your schedule so it doesn’t control you. Yes, you are busy mama, but by structuring and owning your schedule, you will be able to use the time you have efficiently and for things that really matter to you.”

“You are an incredible mom. You have all the skills, resources, systems, and mindsets you need to design and implement the life you want for yourself and for your family. I believe in you. You are ready. So what are you waiting for? Go coordinate your chaos.”