Tips on Surviving the Wackiness of Momlife


Momlife is wacky. Between the kids, work, house work, school work, sports, activities…. having a feeling of overwhelm is inevitable. We look at the moms around us and feel inadequate. We see the pictures on social media and feel like everyone else ‘gets it’. So what is wrong with us? The answer is – nothing!! Everything that you need to rock the mom life is in you right now – and with a little perspective and some strategies in your big mom purse, you can knock that overwhelm right out.

“Everything you need – you have right now. Inside you. All the skills you need to blow this mom thing out of the water and create the amazing life you want for yourself and your family – are inside you, right now, as we speak. You just need to tap into them.”

With real life examples of just how hilariously ridiculous the juggling act can be, this book breaks down the things that hold us back as moms and provides some practical tips that can help us survive (and enjoy!) coordinating the chaos of mom-hood.

This book is first, going to help you feel normal and know that you are not in this alone. We are all doing this mom-thing together. It is also going to provide you with a few ideas to consider as we dig into common mom ‘hot buttons’ like:

Organizing your time

Managing your schedule

Addressing unrealistic expectations

Setting Boundaries

Dealing with Mindset and Fears of Inadequacy

Coordinating Chaos

This book is first, going to help you feel normal and know that you are not in this alone.
We are all doing this mom-thing together.


You are an incredible mom. You have all the skills, resources, systems, and mindsets you need to design and implement the life you want for yourself and for your family.
I believe in you.
You are ready.
So what are you waiting for?
Go coordinate your chaos.

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